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Whether you were injured in a car accident, a crash with an 18-wheeler, or a motorcycle wreck, Queener Law has the skill and experience to ensure that you recover fair and appropriate compensation. We take on big insurance companies and large corporations, holding parties accountable when their negligence causes you to lose.

When you retain our firm to handle your accident case, you can rest assured that we will go the extra mile to make sure every responsible party pays for the pain they have caused. Queener Law works with accident reconstructionists, medical experts, and cutting-edge technology to determine the causes and consequences of your accident. In doing so, we help make sure that you recover money damages that help you maintain your quality of life. Our Nashville accident law firm has recovered millions on behalf of injured victims like you.

You’ve Got Questions, We Have Answers

When you’ve been injured or a love one was killed in an accident in Tennessee, the claims process can seem like a confusing maze of uncertainties. Sorting out the statutes of limitations for accident claims, which damages are recoverable, and who may be liable for you pain can cause additional stress that impedes your physical, mental and financial recovery. Our team can steer you in the right direction so you can focus on the important things- like getting better.

We Represent People Injured in All Types of Motor Vehicle Accidents

Over the years, Queener Law has represented clients who were injured in virtually all types of accidents. From minor fender benders that caused whiplash or broken bones to serious crashes that cost loved ones their lives, we’ve successfully handled car accidents, pedestrian and bicycle injuries, large truck crashes, and motorcycle wrecks.

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When another party’s negligence causes you pain or losses, the damages that you have sustained, and will continue to endure, may not be evident right away. The shock of the accident may cloud your judgement. The adrenaline from the crash may mask your injuries. The impact of medical bills and lost income might not seem real right away. And ongoing losses and treatments are likely unknown in the first days, or even weeks after a crash.

You have the legal right to hold the negligent person or company accountable for all of your losses. Big insurance companies and large trucking corporations often contact accident victims trying to settle claims before the reality of their losses really sinks in. They will stop at nothing to minimize, or even deny responsibility for your pain. Before you talk to their representatives, agree to any settlement offers, or sign that check, give our accident team a call. If you deal with them first, you could forfeit your right to fair and appropriate financial recovery.

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