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If you are investing time, money, and resources into law firm marketing, and you have yet to see results, maybe it is time to make a change.

Though the market size of the legal industry continues to grow, the best cases often go to those firms with a well-defined and executed marketing strategy. Competition for new clients is fierce. The firms who will thrive in the future will have an integrated law firm marketing strategy that ensures resources are used most effectively.

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Our Proven Law Firm Marketing Strategies Have Helped Our Clients Drive Millions in Annual Revenue

If you want to drive results, consider our full-funnel approach to digital marketing for law firms, including website design and creation, lawyer SEO , and paid advertising. With this comprehensive solution, you can target your prospective clients where and when they are seeking an attorney. At Market JD, our proven law firm marketing strategies have helped our clients drive millions of dollars in annual revenue.

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We Deliver Powerful Law Firm Marketing Results

Other law firm marketing agencies claim to be the best in the business. At Market JD, we don’t hide behind meaningless traffic data. We measure our success with real, bottom line results.

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Increased Organic Traffic by

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Increased Organic Traffic by
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When you hire our team to market your law firm, you’ll begin realizing results in no time. Our law firm marketing campaigns can help you:

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Increase your organic traffic in as little as six months

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Get up to TWICE the conversions from organic search in your first year

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Increase your PAGE ONE keyword rankings by up to 200%

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Start your journey toward a stronger web presence today.

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How We Develop Your Custom Law Firm Marketing Plan

Marketing for lawyers is not one-size-fits-all. If you are a downtown Chicago law firm that focuses on personal injury, for instance, your legal marketing strategy is going to be completely different from the marketing strategy for a small law firm focusing on family law in Iowa.

Your target audience, legal services, lawyer achievements, law firm goals, and marketing budget are unique to your team, and your marketing plan should be tailored to fit. Market JD completes a comprehensive assessment to create a custom legal marketing plan that ensures success for your law firm.

We Use State-of-the-Art Tools to Look At:

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Real-time data on how your website, paid ads, social media, and other marketing efforts are performing.

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How you compare against your competition.

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The opportunities available to help your law firm grow.

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Your current search engine optimization (SEO) results.

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Website design and coding issues that are holding you back.

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Ways we can maximize your budget to deliver the fastest and most effective results.

Identifying Your Law Firm’s Goals

Identifying your law firm’s goals helps Market JD determine which marketing tools and techniques are right for you.

Do you want to:
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Highlight your law firm’s authority in your area of practice?

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Concentrate your marketing efforts on getting the attention of your prospective clients?

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Develop and engage an online community to increase potential clients?

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Dominate Page ONE of Google?

Law Firm Marketing Tools That Deliver Better Insights

At Market JD, our full-service law firm marketing agency consists of SEO experts, designers, content creators, social media specialists, programmers, and more who are dedicated to helping you expand your law firm’s visibility. We’ll use various marketing tools and artificial intelligence to help you discover new opportunities that drive more traffic and leads.

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On-Page Law Firm SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) for law firms  is about so much more than adding a few popular keywords to your website pages. At Market JD, our team uses a multistep proprietary method to optimize your website pages. Our comprehensive SEO strategy features the inclusion of well-researched, long-tail keyword terms, informative website content, user-friendly website designs, and behind-the-scenes coding that make our sites easy for Google to discover.

Keeping the Site Fresh: Blog Posts

For time sensitive and trending queries, Google is more apt to rank freshly added content. Creating a regular flow of blog posts ensures that your site has fresh content and will be continuously indexed by Google.

Additionally, blog posts on your site that are well researched attract visitors who are seeking answers to their most important questions related to your practice areas. Those sites that provide a large body of related, substantive content often establish themselves as more authoritative and trustworthy.

To create blog posts, our SEO experts start by using proven methods to anticipate the relevant search queries in Google and other search engines. Next, our experienced content team takes over to develop information-rich legal articles that interest your potential clients and encourage them to reach out to you.

Press Releases

Press releases are an excellent law firm marketing tool that can be used to draw attention to your brand. At Market JD, our team creates press releases to let the world know about your recent accomplishments, additions to your law firm, community involvement, or even your stance on controversial changes to the law.

Email Marketing

Email marketing tools, like carefully crafted newsletters, help you stay in touch and drive repeat business with your clients, generate referrals from other attorneys, and attract new clients. At Market JD, our email marketing campaigns for lawyers will keep your readers up-to-date on what’s happening at your law firm, feature the latest blog articles, and help you grow your network.

Social Media

The power of social media for law firms cannot be overstated in today’s world. Your competitors are using social media to reach out to existing clients, gain new followers, and drive potential clients to their law firm’s website. Market JD can help you build and maintain a social media presence to bring clients in from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and more. In addition to your social media posts, our team can help you create Facebook ads that target specific users and compel them to reach out to you for legal services.

Paid Ads

Paid Ads offer unique benefits that other law firm marketing strategies don’t. Also known as pay-per-click Advertising , or PPC, these ads can get your law firm listed at the top of the SERPs. Since the ads are sometimes placed above organic results in the search results, they may be the first thing your potential clients see when they search for lawyers who focus on your practice areas. As a result, a well-developed PPC campaign by Market JD can significantly boost brand recognition, increase the number of leads, and provide you with an impressive return on investment (ROI).


Do you have a passion for a specific area of law? A guide that would be helpful to your target audience? Information about updates in the law? What about an in-depth answer to a frequently asked question? Webinars are a great way to get the word out about your topic and interact with potential clients. Market JD will help you create an outline or script to use as a guide, provide you with frequently asked questions about your given topic, and even promote your webinar to bring in leads.

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