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You probably have a favorite client. You deliver for them, they’ve been happy with your services, and they’ve referred you to new clients. You may know how you found them or how they found you through your law firm marketing strategy, but you may not know why they pick you.
Your end of year to-do list usually includes where to have the big holiday party,
Content is king in today's digital marketing strategy.
There are many opportunities for lead generation that law firms can overlook when developing marketing for personal injury lawyers.
It seems to happen over and over again -- owners of new lawyer website blogs make mistakes proven to lose traffic and decrease search engine rankings. Blogging may be a relatively new art form, but it’s not so new that there aren’t already tried-and-true methods of failure and success.
A well-designed lawyer website is easy to navigate and full of valuable, actionable content. It should be a pleasure to read, and current and prospective clients should be able to easily and quickly find information about the firm. Follow these 5 web design rules to improve your law firm website and convert more visitors into leads.
 Marketing makes all the difference, but the medium is more important than money. Thanks to search engines and social media, the most expensive marketing options aren't necessarily the most effective, because your small law firm may outrank larger competitors online. Instead of spending your marketing budget on advertisements that simply spread your law firm's name and number, invest in a law firm website that proves your authority and attracts clicks and clients with relevant keywords.
Twitter has come to be used in delightfully unexpected ways: to soothe loneliness, disseminate breaking news, provide daily laughs and—of course—to enhance lawyer website marketing. Are you getting as many followers-per-tweet as you think you could? Do you ever suspect that some people use Twitter to their best advantage, and that you aren’t among them? The simplicity of Twitter’s user experience is both its strength and weakness. It's easy to navigate, but lacks many of the tools needed for razor-sharp marketing. Check out the following apps to strengthen your law firm’s Twitter arsenal.