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Howard Ankin
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When I first started my own firm, I knew a website was important but didn’t know anything about internet marketing for lawyers. After doing research and interviewing many companies, both locally and nationally, I chose to use Market JD. Rafi Arbel, who is an attorney and its president, spent several hours listening and helping me understand how to best position my firm in the market.

~ Howard Ankin
Howard Ankin
Denise Erlich
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When I first started my own firm, I knew a website was important but didn’t know anything about internet marketing for lawyers. After doing research and interviewing many companies, both locally and nationally, I chose to use Market JD. Rafi Arbel, who is an attorney and its president, spent several hours listening and helping me understand how to best position my firm in the market.

~ Denise Erlich
Denise Erlich
Max A. Keller
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When I first started my own firm, I knew a website was important but didn’t know anything about internet marketing for lawyers. After doing research and interviewing many companies, both locally and nationally, I chose to use Market JD. Rafi Arbel, who is an attorney and its president, spent several hours listening and helping me understand how to best position my firm in the market.

~ Max Keller
Max A. Keller

Our Customized Digital Marketing Services for Law Firms Will

Grow Your Bottom Line

Market JD is a full-service law firm marketing agency based out of Chicago. We offer customized digital marketing services to help law firms throughout the United States drive more online traffic, connect with clients, and increase revenue.

Whether you are a sole practitioner who is interested in increasing your visibility, a small law firm looking to build your brand, or a large, well-established law firm that is ready to expand your client base, our team will help make your dream a reality.

Who We Are

Our legal marketing specialists bring over 20 years of combined experience to the table to help you get more qualified cases. We work with law firms of all sizes, from all over the United States, and we deliver results.

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What We Do

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Lawyer SEO

Are you ready to achieve higher organic rankings and increase your visibility in search engine results? Our in-house lawyer SEO experts are some of the best in the business. We use advanced technology and state-of-the-art tools to conduct keyword term research, optimize your webpages and blog posts, and increase qualified traffic to your website.

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Law Firm Marketing

At Market JD, our team takes a holistic approach to making sure your law firm website gets seen. We offer a wide range of digital marketing services to build your brand and bring more clients to your door. These include, but are not limited to, video marketing for lawyers, email marketing for law firms, social media marketing for attorneys, and law firm content marketing.

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Law Firm Website Design

At Market JD, our law firm website design team creates innovative, unique layouts tailored to your preferences. We build professional, seamless designs that help you stand out from the competition. Your input is valued, so we encourage you to participate in the process to ensure the finished product communicates your message, your way.

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Link Building for Lawyers

A specialized link building strategy integrates your site with a web of trusted, high quality sites across the internet. When your firm is connected to these sites, you gain credibility in the eyes of Google. This helps raise your website’s overall authority, which gives Google a reason to prioritize your web pages over others competing for the same organic search positions.

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Social Media for Law Firms

Using social media for law firms provides you with the opportunity to reach out to your target audience. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms allow you to connect with previous clients, potential new clients, and other attorneys. Sharing your website content on social media platforms also helps you earn backlinks from other reputable sites, increase brand awareness, and grow your practice.

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Local SEO for Lawyers

According to recent studies, approximately 88% of people who search online for a local business will contact the company or law firm within 24 hours. When your website ranks well locally, your law firm name and contact information are more likely to be listed at the top of the Google search page, before the organic listings ever start. At Market JD, our team has spent years figuring out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to local SEO for lawyers. We use innovative tools and techniques that are specifically designed to highlight your location, helping to ensure that the attorney these potential clients call is you.

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Law Firm Website Content

Packed with intriguing headlines, keyword terms, and news and information your clients can use, law firm website content is the foundation of search engine optimization. With more than 10 years of experience creating content for lawyer webpages, blogs, press releases, and more, our team delivers quality content that draws visitors to your site, keeps them engaged, and steers your potential clients to you.

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Law Firm PPC

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaigns are an essential tool for attorneys looking to draw prospective clients to their sites. Law firm PPC campaigns—digital advertising where you pay for each click—allows you to target a wider audience. Through a targeted pay-per-click campaign, you can ensure that your site shows up where you want, for the keyword terms you want. This method generates high-quality leads specifically for the practice areas you choose to emphasize.

Increase your law firm’s visibility and grow your revenue with digital marketing services from Market JD.

Who We Serve

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Personal Injury

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Criminal Defense

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Family Law

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Employment Law

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Estate and Probate

Why Your Law Firm Needs Market JD

Each passing year, the internet becomes more complex, bringing new opportunities and challenges. To meet these challenges head-on, your law firm’s website should be professional, well-written, search engine optimized, and convey your marketing messages effectively.

Your first impression to prospective clients is often online. Existing clients use your website to learn more about your attorneys, your track record of success, practice areas, and the law. It is a reflection of the firm’s culture, professionalism, and ability. A firm’s long-term survival is dependent on attracting clients from many channels.

Our president, a former litigator, managed his own firm. He knows first-hand that running a successful law firm is as much about bringing in new business as it is about practicing law.

Face-to-face networking and referrals from satisfied clients and other lawyers will continue to be a major source of new business for most firms. Without other channels of new business, however, your firm may suffer when the market changes. Diversifying the sources of new clients protects you when one stream of business dries out.

Market JD builds law firm websites and internet marketing campaigns that keep your phones ringing. Our pay-per-click campaigns are narrowly tailored to attract the type of audience you’re targeting. In our search engine optimization packages, we build high quality content and authority to help your firm get found in the search engines.

Rafi Arbel

CEO & Marketing Expert

CEO & Marketing Expert

We Help You Get an Edge on the Competition

If you’ve browsed other attorney websites recently, you might have noticed that many of them look the same—as if they were created from a template. Truth be told, they probably were. Many digital marketing agencies use one-size-fits-all methods to create run-of-the-mill websites and cookie-cutter marketing strategies for their clients. As a result, their clients’ sites lack originality and simply blend in with the competition. While following the other guy’s lead might work for mass-produced products, it’s not an effective marketing strategy for law firms.

At Market JD, helping attorneys get an edge on the competition is what we do. Our team takes the time to get to know your law firm, identify your goals, and create a customized marketing strategy that gets results.

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Built on talent. Driven by excellence.

What Separates Our Law Firm Marketing Agency from the Rest?

Helping law firms grow since 2010, Market JD is not your standard digital marketing agency. We take a different approach to law firm marketing. Whereas other firms may not concentrate their services on the legal market, we focus exclusively on marketing services for lawyers. When you hire Market JD, you’ll enjoy:

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A Highly customized approach

We make it our job to understand who you are and what makes your firm special. We spend a considerable amount of time listening to, and connecting with, our clients. Every firm has its own story to tell; its own strengths; its own goals. By developing a comprehensive understanding of your law firm’s image, goals, and client base, we can design and create legal marketing materials –both online and offline –that are specifically designed with your law firm in mind. We cannot succeed unless our clients are successful at attracting website visitors and potential clients.

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A Culture of Innovation

Following the rules that Google provides webmasters is a necessary part of ranking well in the search results; but it is not enough, as many of your competitors will be following those same rules. To gain a competitive advantage in all aspects of digital marketing, our team is constantly testing new ways of increasing your visibility.

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Process Management System

Marketing a law firm and creating a stand-out website with a regular flow of high-quality, visually appealing content includes many moving parts. We invest tremendous resources in technology to help our team of designers, coders, project managers, and SEO experts ensure that no corners are cut or steps forgotten.

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An Integrated Solution

Every firm needs to use its marketing dollars cost-effectively. Too often, firms hire multiple vendors to handle various parts of the firm’s marketing, i.e., one for social media, another for SEO, and a third to do content writing. Many times these efforts aren’t coordinated and don’t serve a common plan. At Market JD, we are your one-stop-shop for law firm marketing services.

Grow Your Online Presence with Market JD

Working with an agency that speaks your language will help you tailor your firm’s marketing strategy to target prospective clients within your industry. Our team integrates comprehensive SEO knowledge with a broad understanding of the legal landscape to increase website traffic and, ultimately, guide high-quality leads to your firm.

By connecting your site with relevant high-authority websites, ensuring you are listed in legal directories, and curating content that targets keyword terms for your practice areas, Market JD will grow your online presence.

Before digital changes take place, we spend considerable time communicating with your firm to understand:

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Your strengths

Whether it is your know-how, technology, operations, or location, every firm must differentiate itself from its competitors. We help your firm identify its strengths, often those taken for granted or under marketed.

Your opportunities

Effective marketing cannot be done in a vacuum. Understanding the competitive landscape uncovers less competitive keywords terms. With our thorough SEO research, we can help you identify your ranking opportunities.

Your vision for the Future

Most firms look to their website to generate more business. We position your website, keyword strategy, and online campaigns to target those markets that will deliver your strongest return on investment.

When you work with Market JD, our law firm marketing agency will:

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Guide you through the website design process as painlessly as possible

We understand that many of our law firm clients don’t have the time or interest in website design and development, so we provide advice and suggestions to help guide you through decision-making.

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Provide you with professional and accurate legal copy

Our in-depth knowledge of the law and the legal industry allows us to provide you with content that is accurate and professional, while incorporating SEO tools to ensure that you reach potential clients and maintain their interest.

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Maximize visibility and attract potential clients through SEO tools.

We are trained and educated in the most up-to-date SEO tools and processes so that we can ensure maximum visibility for your law firm.

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