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Are you ready to start generating more qualified leads and cases for your law firm? Paid advertising (PPC) for lawyers may be the key to your success.

At Market JD, we have over a decade of experience helping lawyers like you reach prospective clients who are actively seeking legal services with Google Ads and Facebook Ads. These two platforms attract a far greater audience than any other platforms.

Our PPC experts will help you launch a customized pay-per-click advertising campaign that lets you target the clients you want, control how much you spend, and gets your phone ringing right away.

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What Is Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Law Firms?

Pay-per-click advertising for lawyers (PPC), or cost-per-click (CPC) advertising, ensures that your message is seen by your target audience when they’re in the market for a lawyer. For small firms, paid advertising is a strategic tool to drive immediate traffic and build brand awareness, especially when larger competitors dominate organic search results.

Paid advertising involves promoting your law firm through sponsored ads that appear on search engines (Google Ads), social media platforms (Facebook Ads), and other websites. This form of advertising allows you to target specific demographics, locations, and interests, and places your law firm directly in front of your potential clients.

Does Paid Advertising Work?

Paid advertising amplifies your law firms’ visibility, builds brand recognition, and offers measurable results. A successful PPC campaign ensures that your firm appears at the top of the search results or in the social media streams in which you most want to appear. It boosts your visibility, reaches your targeted audiences, and drives traffic to your website.

Approximately 58% of all website traffic is generated from paid search on Google.

With Facebook marketing and strategic campaigns on platforms like Google, paid advertising is the key to expanding your client base and maximizing your firm’s growth potential.

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PPC Campaigns Can Help You Be Found for Some of the Most Profitable Keyword Terms in the Industry

Some of the keyword terms that trigger our clients’ paid ads include:

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Car Accident Lawyer

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Truck Accident Lawyer

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Personal Injury Lawyer

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Criminal Defense Lawyer

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DUI Lawyer

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Divorce Lawyer

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Child Custody Lawyer

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What Does a Paid Advertising Campaign Look Like?

When you hire Market JD to promote your law firm, your customized paid advertising strategy might include Google Ads, Facebook Advertising, display ads (banners), video advertising on platforms like YouTube, Streaming ads on OTT platforms, Local Service Ads, directory listings, sponsored content, and remarketing or retargeting campaigns. As an advertiser, you might pay per click, per impression, or by another metric.

To maximize your ROI, our digital marketing agency will craft compelling ad copy, select eye-catching visuals, and ensure that the landing page that the advertisement leads to provides relevant and valuable information to your audience.


Google Ads for lawyers have an average conversion rate of around 6.98%, exhibiting substantial potential for client acquisition.


The average conversion rate for Facebook ads for lawyers is approximately 5.6%, indicating an impressive return on investment (ROI).


Approximately 87% of advertisers feel that streaming ads (OTT ads) are as effective as, or more effective than, traditional TV ads.


Approximately 90% of advertisers surveyed said video ads on platforms like YouTube have helped them generate leads.


Retargeting campaigns for lawyers can increase conversion rates by up to 150%.

What Are the Benefits of PPC for Lawyers?

Paid advertising offers a wide range of benefits for small and medium-sized law firms.

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Online Visibility

Paid advertising significantly boosts your law firm’s online visibility. Through strategic placement on search engines, social media, and relevant websites, your services become more accessible to prospective clients. This visibility increases the likelihood that your firm is seen when users search for answers or lawyers.

Increased Trust and Branding

Paid advertising strengthens your SEO strategy. By appearing both in the paid and organic sections of the search results, your firm gains brand recognition and builds trust in the minds of prospective clients.

Immediate Results

Unlike organic methods that take time to yield results, paid advertising delivers immediate outcomes. Once paid advertising campaigns are launched, your ads begin to generate clicks and drive qualified leads to your website. This rapid impact is particularly advantageous when you need leads immediately.

Targeted Leads

Paid advertising allows precise targeting. You can tailor campaigns based on factors like demographics, interests, location, and online behaviors. This precision ensures your ads reach the right audience—those actively seeking legal services in your areas of practice. This quality over quantity approach increases the likelihood of converting leads into clients.

Return On Investment (ROI)

The return on investment (ROI) for paid ads is quite impressive. Visitors who click on paid advertisements are 50% more likely to convert than people who arrive at your site via organic search results. On average, for every $1 that advertisers spend on Google Ads, they earn $2. That is a 200% average return on investment.

Track Your Campaigns

Our clients enjoy the benefits of Market JD’s enhanced PPC Leads Tracking System. We aggregate Google Ads data, call, contact form, and live chat data, and perform a manual review and analysis of these leads to give our advertisers deep insights into the effectiveness of their campaigns. Using our proprietary password-protected portal, clients can visualize their results, review their leads, track their progress, and quickly assess their return on investment.

Are You Ready to Take Lead Generation to a New Level?

Our digital marketing experts can help you create paid advertising campaigns that increase brand awareness by up to 80%, enhance online visibility, and bring qualified leads to your door.

If you really want to drive results, consider our full-funnel approach to digital marketing for law firms, including website design  and creation, SEO for lawyers, and paid advertising. With this solution, you can target your prospective clients where and when they are seeking an attorney.

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