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Are you looking for a way to attract prospective clients who are actively seeking your services?

Search engine optimization (SEO) for lawyers is all about inbound marketing, directing clients to your website when they are searching for information on your practice areas or are looking for a lawyer with your skills.

If you’re ready to increase your law firm’s visibility and turn visitors into clients, you are going to need the best law firm marketing agency in the business. You are going to need the digital marketing experts at Market JD.

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Law Firm SEO Strategies

Designed by an Attorney, for Attorneys

It takes more than just legal competence to grow your law firm in the digital space. Attracting high-quality leads relies on an in-depth understanding of how Google ranks your site, effective attorney search engine optimization strategies (SEO for lawyers) to increase your SERP rankings, and reputation management that prioritizes your firm’s image.

If you want to be found for the most competitive keyword terms in your practice areas and bring more prospective clients to your door, you’re going to need high-quality content that demonstrates your knowledge of the law and your willingness to help people with their legal issues. It needs to be straightforward and easy for the average reader to understand.

We Help Your Prospective Clients Find You in a Digital Sea of Competition

At Market JD, we understand the modern age of attorney marketing, and we know how to connect with your prospective clients. Led by an attorney, our digital marketing team possesses the legal know-how to create SEO-focused content that is digestible to your prospective clients. We’ll acquire quality backlinks to help you build authority in your field(s) of practice, and implement local SEO strategies that bring qualified leads to your door. Our holistic approach to your SEO marketing plan prioritizes your firm’s image and your website’s ability to rank well for keyword terms that drive qualified leads.

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Our Clients Rank for Some of the Most Profitable Keyword Terms in the Legal Industry

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Personal Injury Lawyer

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Criminal Defense Lawyer

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DUI Lawyer

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Divorce Lawyer

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Child Custody Lawyer

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Why Does Your Law Firm Need SEO?

Search Engine Optimization enhances your firm’s online visibility, attracts prospective clients, and helps ensure a regular flow of leads. Law firm SEO enhances your website’s content, structure, and a wide variety of other elements, making it more attractive to search engines like Google. This improves the website’s ranking in the search engine results page (SERP).

Prospective clients searching for a lawyer or legal information often associate a high-ranking website with legal competence, credibility and authority, thereby building trust with users. Ranking well in the SERP increases your website’s traffic and, as a result, delivers more qualified leads.


Nearly 50% of marketers say organic search brings the best return on investment (ROI) out of all marketing channels.


Search engine optimization reduces the cost of customer acquisition by an average of 87% when compared to paid advertising.


BrightEdge Research reports that the share of website traffic that is attributable to organic search is a whopping 53.3%.


Approximately 66% of call conversions in the legal industry are generated by organic searches.


More than 95% of people who are looking for legal advice perform a search online.

According to a 2017 study, the most competitive segment of SEO is the legal industry. With so many law firms competing for new clients online, it is critical that your firm’s SEO strategy focus on those keyword terms that will most likely drive qualified traffic to your website. Flushing out this strategy requires well-written content that reads well, is legally accurate, and satisfies Google’s requirements.

Our Custom Lawyer SEO Strategies Give You an Edge On the Competition

At Market JD, our custom law firm SEO strategies deliver:

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Content that Connects with Your Audience

The foundation of an effective SEO strategy is high-quality content that addresses your prospective clients’ questions and keeps them engaged. Google places relevant, authoritative, and SEO optimized content higher up in the search results where people needing legal advice are more likely to click.

At Market JD, we provide content that is search engine optimized, useful, legally accurate, and connects with your audience. Let us help you rank higher in the SERP, increase conversions, and bring cases to your door.

Link Building that Helps Your Site Be Seen

Link building is essential to the success of your law firm SEO strategy. All inbound links are not equal, however. For backlinks to help demonstrate value and your authority, and improve your position in the SERP, they need to come from relevant, reputable sources.

We build high-quality internal and external links on relevant pages to improve the site’s visibility.

On-Site Optimization that Enhances User Experience

Site speed, page format, site structure, internal links, and various technical elements can help make your law firm’s SEO bulletproof. According to SEMrush, approximately 47% of users prefer websites that load within 3 seconds or less, and 40% will leave if your site doesn’t accommodate.

Making your site faster, improving navigation, and enhancing user-friendliness means your visitors will be more likely to spend time on your site, increasing their chances of reaching out to you for legal help.

Local SEO that Gets You Leads from Your Own Backyard

A well-developed local SEO campaign helps you reach prospective clients in your area. Focusing on specific geographical areas improves your chances of ranking higher in the SERP when Google bases results on the searcher’s location or users specify a location in their query.

At Market JD, we develop high-quality content based on keywords that are likely to attract qualified prospects in your location. We place an emphasis on answering locally ranking FAQs and explaining the law in a way that is easily understood by your readers.

Your Law Firm Needs a Website Built With SEO in Mind

Implementing law firm SEO best practices into your law firm’s web presence does more than just boost your SERP rankings. Many of the primary elements of SEO prioritize user experience and content that is helpful to readers. When you implement SEO best practices and your clients find your law firm’s website, they are more likely to spend time exploring the information provided. Presenting your law firm as helpful through a perceivable open-door policy builds trust with qualified leads, allowing you to convert them to clients.

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