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The 5 Best Twitter Apps for Lawyer Website Marketing

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Twitter has come to be used in delightfully unexpected ways: to soothe loneliness, disseminate breaking news, provide daily laughs and—of course—to enhance lawyer website marketing.

Are you getting as many followers-per-tweet as you think you could? Do you ever suspect that some people use Twitter to their best advantage, and that you aren’t among them? The simplicity of Twitter’s user experience is both its strength and weakness. It’s easy to navigate, but lacks many of the tools needed for razor-sharp marketing. Check out the following apps to strengthen your law firm’s Twitter arsenal.

5 Best Twitter Apps for Lawyer Website Marketing:

1. SnapBird. Maybe you got a retweet from a celeb, or maybe someone you follow tweeted a link you wanted to look into but didn’t. Whatever you’re looking for, if the tweet happened more than 10 days ago, you won’t find it on Twitter — the timeline doesn’t go back that far.

But it does on SnapBird. SnapBird allows you to search not only your own tweets and the tweets of others since the day Twitter opened for business, but your message inbox as well. Now you can dig up last month’s retweet from the chamber of commerce to feature on your latest blog post.

2. Hootsuite. If only you could schedule tweets ahead of time so that you don’t have to hover around your device, or if your home feed, your personal tweets and topics you follow were all on one page. Oh wait—they can be.

Hootsuite allows you to utilize Twitter’s capabilities to their fullest, and it can even be used to manage multiple accounts. The platform optimizes your lawyer website marketing with a complete feed of relevant hashtags, retweets and mentions (so you’ll never miss another tweet containing #SCOTUS again). And your followers will thank you for using its handy link-shrinker.

3. ManageFlitter. We don’t need to tell you that the number-one goal of Twitter is to attain as many engaged followers as possible—emphasis on the word “engaged.” How can you get those most interested in what you have to say to follow you? ManageFlitter can help.

ManageFlitter features PowerPost, a tool that reveals when most of your followers will see a given tweet, allowing you to schedule your tweets for maximum impact. Through a ManageFlitter strategy that utilizes targeted following, unfollowing and interactions, you can increase your numbers much faster than if you post haphazardly. Just be sure to pace your following strategy so that you don’t ever follow more than 1,000 new users in a day, as that qualifies for account suspension.

4. Fliplingo. Practicing in the southern United States? Chances are a lot of your potential clients speak Spanish. Office located in Chinatown, Koreatown or Little Armenia? Again — a lot of your potential clients will speak another language. This doesn’t mean you can’t tweet to them.

Fliplingo employs real-life linguists to translate your tweets and supports over 30 different languages. Although tools like Google Translate can get a translation job done in a pinch, they can’t perform the job of a native speaker — that is, making a translation sound like it isn’t a translation at all.

5. The Latest. The hashtag allows everyone in the world who wants to discuss a specific topic to do so, all in the very same forum. Use a trending hashtag and your tweets have the potential to be seen by many more people than just those who follow you.

Check out The Latest for the top ten trending stories on Twitter. Comment on the story, relate it to your practice or just retweet a good post about it to your followers for increased exposure.

Looking for a tool you don’t see on this list? New apps are developed all the time, and we’ve only covered a few of our favorites here. Check out Twitdom to search literally thousands more. Consider it time well-spent, as TechCrunch and many others have recently declared that Twitter is here to stay.

The challenge of lawyer website marketing is constantly evolving as Twitter, Facebook and Google update their operations algorithms. Market JD makes it our job to know these updates, which gives our law firm clients a competitive edge online. Interested in guidance for your lawyer website marketing efforts? Check out our services to learn how we can help.

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