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Twitter has come to be used in delightfully unexpected ways: to soothe loneliness, disseminate breaking news, provide daily laughs and—of course—to enhance lawyer website marketing. Are you getting as many followers-per-tweet as you think you could? Do you ever suspect that some people use Twitter to their best advantage, and that you aren’t among them? The simplicity of Twitter’s user experience is both its strength and weakness. It's easy to navigate, but lacks many of the tools needed for razor-sharp marketing. Check out the following apps to strengthen your law firm’s Twitter arsenal.
MarketJD is heading to sunny San Diego for the Social Media Marketing World conference. The event’s being held from the 26th to the 28th and the two days of panel discussions and in-depth presentations look like they’ll give us a lot of insider info we can use to improve our own attorney internet-marketing efforts. Here are the events we’re looking forward to attending:
With so many social media platforms available, it may seem overwhelming to think about adding another to your repertoire. But if your law firm is not on Google+, it should be. Google is all about content, and Google+ is now the second largest social media network after Facebook. If you or your firm regularly publish content, it only makes sense that you would want to utilize Google+. The new reason: Google Authorship.
You can't help but notice them. By now even the infrequent visitor to LinkedIn has been invited to endorse his connections, in batch or individually. Critics deride the endorsements as inaccurate, irrelevant or without meaning.