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Content is king in today's digital marketing strategy.
A well-designed lawyer website is easy to navigate and full of valuable, actionable content. It should be a pleasure to read, and current and prospective clients should be able to easily and quickly find information about the firm. Follow these 5 web design rules to improve your law firm website and convert more visitors into leads.
Launching a website isn’t too difficult. But building a successful website that attracts and converts traffic? That’s not quite as simple. Aim to create your own law firm website and you’ll be faced with plenty of challenges that standard retail businesses don’t need to address.
How much can a visitor tell about your website after viewing it for five seconds? See for yourself at Usability Hub’s Five Second Test, a site that provides web designers with feedback from testers who look at the designer’s page for five seconds and then attempt to answer questions about it. (Try it yourself to see what we mean. One click and you’re in as a tester.)