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MarketJD is heading to sunny San Diego for the Social Media Marketing World conference. The event’s being held from the 26th to the 28th and the two days of panel discussions and in-depth presentations look like they’ll give us a lot of insider info we can use to improve our own attorney internet-marketing efforts. Here are the events we’re looking forward to attending:

Social Media Marketing World Day 1

Social Media Marketing in 2014: What the Newest Research Reveals. Michael Stelzner, founder of Social Media Examiner and author of Launch will discuss a survey of thousands of social media marketers and share predictions for how experts will focus their efforts in the coming year.

Networking That Works: How to Make Amazing Connections at Social Media Marketing World. Michael Stelzner will be joined by Larry Benet, CEO of the Speakers and Authors Networking Group, for this presentation. They’ll share networking insights and strategies; we’re especially excited to see how these concepts can help us enhance our attorney internet marketing efforts.

5 Content Marketing Practices that Most Businesses Ignore, but Shouldn’t. We’re looking forward to this talk by Joe Pulizzi, author of Epic Content Marketing. We’re hoping he’ll point out any content marketing practices we may have overlooked in the past and listen for any specific mistakes professionals, especially lawyers, make when it comes to content marketing.

How to Use SlideShare for Business: The Success Formula. Todd Wheatland, author of The Marketer’s Guide to SlideShare will brief us on how to use SlideShare for our own business and our clients’. Todd mentioned that the integration between LinkedIn and Slide Share is only growing stronger, we’re very interested in hearing more about that and on how SlideShare can be used as an off-site SEO technique to market lawyers.

How To Painlessly Prospect For Customers with Social Media. We missed Tom Martin’s presentation in Chicago several months ago and are delighted to hear him tomorrow. He is the author of The Invisible Sale, which talks about, “how to combine social media and science to grow your business without ever making a single cold call, sending an unsolicited piece of direct mail, running advertising or using paid outbound marketing of any kind.”

Unlike many other businesses, law firms have many restrictions on their ability to solicit business using outbound advertising and sales.  Tom’s approach is perfect for those attorneys wanting to increase their visibility and build their practice.

Build Your Own Media Empire: Here’s How. In this session, Chris Brogan, co-author of The Impact Equation and publisher of Owner Magazine promises to show us how to build our “own media empire.” We want to get his advice on what lawyers can do to create a truly engaged audience, not just a group of email marketing recipients, followers and fans.

Doing What You Love in the Service of People Who Love What You Do. Steve Farber, author of The Radical Leap, The Radical Edge and Greater Than Yourself will lead this presentation aimed at improving the quality of personal leadership. We’re looking forward to hearing how his leadership strategy can benefit our attorney Internet marketing efforts.

We’ll end the day on the Networking Cruise through San Diego Bay. Catch up with us and share your thoughts on the presentations you attended!

Social Media Marketing World Day 2

Have We Lost the Social in Social Media? Jay Baer, author of Youtility, will moderate a discussion with Ted Rubin (author, Return on Relationships), Jeff Rohrs (author, Audience) and Nichole Kelly (author, How to Measure Social Media) on finding a balance between social interaction and marketing efforts when using social media marketing.

The Future of Social Media: What Businesses Need to Know. College educator and author of Return on Influence, Mark Schaefer will share clues that can help us predict the future of social media marketing. We’re certainly interested in his insights on which platforms may become more relevant to those looking to establish thought leadership through blogging and social media.

How to Run Successful LinkedIn Groups: Tips From the Pros. Stephanie Sammons, Michael Crosson, Jill Konrath and Eric T. Tung will highlight the characteristics that make a LinkedIn group successful. We’re excited to pass this knowledge along to our clients who are thinking of starting their own LinkedIn groups. We think Groups are a great way for lawyers to engage with their communities and to help law firms market on the Internet.

How Businesses Are Integrating Inbound and Outbound Marketing and Sales to Win Customers for Life. John Jantsch, author of Duct Tape Marketing will be sharing his new marketing approach that parallels the buyer journey and shows how inbound and outbound techniques can be combined to create loyal customer relationships. The underpinnings of sales and marketing hasn’t changed; we’re looking forward to hearing John’s take on how these can be incorporated into content marketing and social media.

From Blogger to Published Author: How to Become a Recognized Expert in your Field. Joel Comm, author of So, What Do You Do? and Twitter Power 2.0, will reveal how to “get the upper-hand on your competitors and generate buzz in your market.” We plan on asking him how lawyers can use his techniques to become trusted voices in the industry.

Advanced Facebook Advertising: How to Maximize Your Impact. Facebook ad experts Dennis Yu and Alex Houg will join forces to share ideas on how to “diagnose news feed burnout,” track and optimize ads and make the most of the Facebook marketing experience.

Closing Keynote: Timeless Qualities of Great Content and Social Media Marketing. Marcus Sheridan will end the conference on a high note with his trademark energetic style. If we have any remaining questions, we’ll definitely be speaking up to get his feedback!

There’s definitely a lot of ground to cover, and we’re excited to take some notes, meet some friends and learn a few new tricks. If you’re attending Social Media Marketing World, which panels and presentations are you looking forward to most? If you can’t attend, are there any specific questions concerning attorney internet marketing or SEO marketing for lawyers you’d like us to pass along? Post a comment and let us know how we can help.

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