Why Your Firm Needs Google Authorship Now

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With so many social media platforms available, it may seem overwhelming to think about adding another to your repertoire. But if your law firm is not on Google+, it should be.

Google is all about content, and Google+ is now the second largest social media network after Facebook. If you or your firm regularly publish content, it only makes sense that you would want to utilize Google+. The new reason: Google Authorship.

What Does Google Authorship Do?

Google Authorship is a tool that connects authors (content creators) to their work. Specifically, it will display the author’s information next to search results, thus making it easier for a reader to learn more about you, the author. This additional information includes a headshot of the author from their Google+ page. Why is this important? You will be perceived as being more credible. People tend to trust information more when they can see the face behind it.

How Does Google Authorship Increase Visibility?

Another Google Authorship advantage: When a profile appears in search results, the searcher can click on the byline to see a list of items by a specific author. It also links to the author’s Google+ page. You can also:

– See analytics for your content in search;
– Distinguish and validate your content in search results;
– Get more followers on Google+;
– Help readers discover your other content on the web; and
– Empower users to engage with content authors through Google+.

How Do I Set Up Google Authorship?

Setting up Google Authorship is easy. Simply follow these 3 steps:

1. Make sure any blog posts or articles you’ve written include your byline on the website where they are published (e.g., “By Rafi Arbel”). Your author name should match your Google+ profile name, so be sure to update your profile if you have recently changed your name or go by a nickname.

2. Submit your email address to Google Authorship: https://plus.google.com/authorship Note: This email address must correspond with the URL where the post appears (i.e., name@marketjd.com). If you don’t have a matching email address, find the alternative here.

3. Be aware that any information you submit will appear on your Google+ profile page. Be absolutely sure that information is something you want public. And, since new readers will easily find your profile page with this tool, make sure your profile page is professional. No vacation or party photos, please.

The nice thing about Google Authorship is that it’s reversible. If you try it out and decide you don’t like it or it’s not helping you, you can always remove yourself from it and your search results will go back to normal. Patience is the key. It could take some time for your Authorship information to appear in search results. Just continue publishing quality content until it kicks in.

About the Author
Rafi Arbel
Rafi Arbel is the President and Founder of Market JD, Inc., a Chicago-based digital marketing agency for law firms nationwide. A former litigator who ran his own practice, Mr. Arbel uses his first-hand knowledge of the legal industry to help small and medium-sized law firms enhance their online presence and grow their client base. With more than 20 years of experience in law firm SEO, website building, pay-per-click (PPC) and more, Rafi has earned a reputation as a leader in law firm marketing, providing clients with the kind of personalized service attorneys rarely find with larger agencies.

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