You probably have a favorite client. You deliver for them, they’ve been happy with your services, and they’ve referred you to new clients. You may know how you found them or how they found you through your law firm marketing strategy, but you may not know why they pick you.
Your end of year to-do list usually includes where to have the big holiday party,
Content is king in today's digital marketing strategy.
Facebook is the world's most popular social networking website. The Facebook platform makes it easy for you to connect and share with your connections online, and it has dramatically changed the way many people communicate.
With so many social media platforms available, it may seem overwhelming to think about adding another to your repertoire. But if your law firm is not on Google+, it should be. Google is all about content, and Google+ is now the second largest social media network after Facebook. If you or your firm regularly publish content, it only makes sense that you would want to utilize Google+. The new reason: Google Authorship.
The following roundup highlights the month’s most popular legal marketing headlines, featuring news, how-tos, tips, and studies on everything from SEO to social media topics. How to Write the Perfect Blog Post Writing the perfect blog post is easier than you think. Your headline gets read more than anything else on your website. Learn more about constructing blog posts.
Ever wonder why some law-firm websites bring in a steady stream of qualified prospective clients while others, maybe yours, sit on the sidelines? Any lawyer who has run even a few searches on Google realizes that visibility on the Net, generally speaking, has little to do with the competence or reputation of the attorneys at the firm.